Sunday Intimates e-shop launch!


It finally happened!

The date everyone has been waiting for came and finally brought the e-shop opening of a new independent full bust lingerie brand called Sunday Intimates. The brand was founded by two delightful young American ladies called Tannis Mann and Simonette Lowy. The hype preceding their launch was bigger than I can recall with any other brand in the past few years, with perhaps the only exception of Claudette with their neon Dessous collection. After months of waiting the e-shop has opened at last and revealed the full size range and prices.


Their first collection can be best described as grown up playful. With the exception of a gold longline (who knew you desperately needed a gold longline in your already overflowing lingerie drawer?), none of the designs are unheard of in the industry. They are however brought to absolute perfection. Polka dots, with a light amount of vintage – in colours, which don’t make you feel five years old again, anyone? A faux leather bra that doesn’t scream bondage? Subtle floral design in muted green? Count me in!


On top of that, currently there is a 15% off promo code when you enter shopsunday4214!


Collection – Underwear and Loungewear

The SS2014 consists of five collections; the Monday, the Dottie, the Marie, the Lolita and the Sara.

Monday The Monday presents basic sleek day bras with sweet details in white and black. From a European point of view they seem mostly like something to satisfy the American T-shirt bra seeking customer.



The Dottie became almost emblematic for the brand, in “Sunday Nude” pink and deep blue with white polka dots. It comes as a lingerie set as well as a pyjamas combo and IT IS ADORABLE.



The Marie line comes as lingerie and loungewear too, with the extra option of a kimono. It features what I would call (with the best intention) an elegant, grown up, exquisite swamp design with a few daisies thrown in. Again there are two colourways, green (more swamp) and rosy peach (swamp in full bloom).



The Lolita captures Nabokov’s famous character perfectly. It is cheeky yet understated but holds its ground. The material resembles leather and it comes as a lingerie set in black or deep blue. The knickers come in a brief or high-waisted brief option (similarly to the other lines).



Finally the Sara is a storm raging through not only the full-bust lingerie world but mainly a tornado through what you thought one could ever wear under clothes. It is a metallic gold longline bra with absolutely no apologies, coming with a kimono and one hell of a statement. An unexpected must have straight in your face!



With the sudden explosion of Instagram a few years back, all photos seem to have “the vintage feel”. Sunday Intimate palette seems to have the vintage feel without you having to take pictures of yourself. They are colours with tone and atmosphere – something along the lines of blushing dusty pink (aka “the Sunday nude”) or muted honey green flower chaos



Yes I sound ridiculous; yes the colours are beautiful. The designs also allow the colours to really stand out, as is the case with the very deep, resonating navy blue in Dottie. They are warm and muted at times but certainly not pale or shy.


And then there is gold. Enough said.



With the newly opened e-shop, we finally know exactly what kind of material we are looking at. The Sunday Intimate bra that went viral – the Dottie in Sunday Nude – is made of “64% Polyester, 24% Nylon, 12% Spandex, Trimmings Excluded”. Other bras sport more nylon or in case of the golden beauty 6% metallic and 17% cotton too. As for the loungewear, polyester it is as well – no silk or cotton. However it doesn’t make them look any less comfy.

The immediate discussion that erupted on many forums centred mainly around the combination of polyester and the very steep price point. While I will wait to judge the material properly when I can actually touch it myself I can certainly understand certain frustration. On the other hand, my long affair with Fauve has taught me that polyester and polyester can be two very different materials. My Fauve bras feel luxurious and breathable and last for years. Not so much my Freya bras. They are both made of polyester.


Size Range

For an independent company, the Sunday Intimates start with some impressive size range in terms of cup size. Not so much the band size. Their range includes 28-34 D-H bras, which is good news for all the 28 band ladies out there as the selection doesn’t seem to be getting much wider otherwise.

Sunday_Banner_NewSadly it excludes most of the plus sized ladies. In an interview with Sweet Nothings, Tannis Mann and Simonette Lowy expressed their intention to expand the range in the future. Hopefully it will be easier (and therefore faster) in terms of manufacturing to expand the band range rather than cup range!



Another thing that was secret up until now was the actual price of the garments. The bras range between $135 – 145, with undies between $68 – 81. Kimonos costbetween $130 -172 and the loungewear, which comes always separately scores just above hundred dollars for tank tops and shorts. The delightful polka dot pyjamas set comesat $264 together.

As the Sunday Intimate statement explains, all garments are designed and manufactured directly in Los Angeles, which increases the price significantly. While I do find the price very… luxurious (aka steep as ****), it also makes me think just how much would all my other bras cost if they were made by people getting the same salary I expect to get when I work.




Sunday Intimates’ collection seems to be a craft of perfection. They are garments for ladies who know what they want and are not afraid to express themselves. They are not infantile or sexual or elegant which occasionally borders on boring. They are modern with a light vintage twist and despite the price point very much your (probably best and most expansive) bra for every single day of the year. Except the gold one. But that one is a must have.


I will provide reviews as soon as the beauties come!

Which one is your favourite? Would you consider splashing out for a polyester bra? Do you find paying more for an independent bra acceptable?

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