Love me do!

Hello, my name is Jimmy and -surprise, surprise- I’m a female. To start off I thought I would explain a bit why I decided that yet another blog about bigger bust lingerie was needed. Because yes, indeed, you definitely do need to read this one =)! My uneducated 32GG/30H self have gotten into reading lingerie blogs about two years ago, starting with Cheryl’s fabulous Invest In Your Chest and falling in love with it, then gradually broadening my horizons to many of the great other ones out there. These days I am regularly hooked on IIYC, Georgina’s Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Undercover Lingerista. There are many more I read occasionally, however this is my trio and I dutifully follow and enjoy every post. They are funny, interesting and offer never ending education both for the women (or cross dressing men) who still struggle to find a well fitting bra and to those who found what size suits them the best (yes, I am talking about that “How to hand wash you precious bras” IIYC post  – do check it out, your bras will like you even more!). For me, living in the middle of the Old Continent in Prague, a simple review meant often as much as £ 30 worth of discount – as that is the regular difference between the online sales and the prices of the two shops in Prague that carry my size. To say I found them super important and helpful doesn’t even begin cover it, especially as I caught myself harbouring a little obsession for the magically fitting undergarments!

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It is no secret in the blogging sphere that good fit is crucial and yet there are so many women out there who suffer from low self esteem, back pains and hate their bodies! I find it tragically comical how every underwear shop will have posters up reminding the ladies, that: “80% of them are wearing a wrong size bra!” Yet they themselves have such a small range of sizes that very few of their customers who happen to BE in a wrong size bra can be actually catered to instead of just buying yet another garment that makes them upset and unhappy.


My initial coming out of the closet (full of the badly fitting too-large-band-tiny-cup bras) happened about three years ago and to say it changed my life would (no surprise there) be a massive understatement. Just out of interest I made a post about my “old” bras – the ones that made me feel like a whale both when I was buying them in the shop and continuously while I wore them. It is rather sad, especially since they were often quite expansive! My typical size would be: “the biggest band you have with the biggest cup please!” Just the mention of swimming suits made me cry. No girls t-shirts would even fit me and if..? Then I looked like a saggy, blotchy version of Pamela after a very long party. Wouldn’t wish that on any sixteen year old (which is what I was at the time) and that’s the reason I try to spread the word.

The journey to an actually well fitted bra was rather slow and included many 38E. It is important to keep in mind that quite probably, you do not have a well fitting bra unless your breasts actually feel gorgeous – because let me assure you, they really are! It surprised me, going through my drawer, just how many in-between steps there were as my faulty memory mercifully erased many of them. I found almost-there 34 G Triumph bras, which my granny would be too ashamed to wear as they made my soft breast tissue look like potato bags. Still I bought three of them altogether, because they were the best I could find. From the longer going blogs I could gather that the situation for us, bigger busted ladies, has definitely improved over the last few years. This applies more than ever then – no excuse for not having bras that make you and your boobs happy! Sort-of-ok is not good enough!!!

My first beloved was a purple 32G Conturelle and even though the bra is too small (the cups are a bit smaller than average G) now, I maintain a small crush on the colour to this very day – it is so classy and will always remind me of the moment I first put it on and felt (feminists burn me on a stake) like a sex bomb!


Since then I have discovered other brands, first on the Internet and then in a little store in Prague called Superbra. Here I fell in love for the second purple time – with my ingoing affair Fauve. My first was an Amethyst Emmanuelle and shockingly it remains to be my most favourite, most used bra! In fact I suspect it is immortal!


Over the years I tried on many others – Freya, Panache Superbra, Curvy Kate, Masquerade or Dalia – all of which I intend to review and keep trying, however really Fauve remains my number one. Which brings me back to present and the very raison d’être of this blog – first and foremost to help spread the word that the right size bra helps your boobs feel happy, healthy and stunning. But since many of us who have found our best size like to shop online and need reviews and real life pictures (yes I am talking to you Freya Eliza!) of what is available, I hope to bring in my little bit of experience and my (let’s face it overflowing) lingerie drawer. Despite the wonderfully big number of lingerie blogs out there, none of their writers seem to be big Fauve fans, so I’d like to rectify this gap… just in case I am not alone in my affection for this brand! I will try to bring many reviews of their classy, sexy designs. It is my hope to help a bit with clarifying and demonstrating the fit of the many cuts that return in different colours every season! And since I have a great, slightly OCD mother who taught me that “just in case you die unexpectedly darling, be sure to wear a matching bra and panties every day!” I will be able to show the fit of panties and shorts as well, although (and it was one of the first rules I laid down with Mr Fringster whose insight on the different designs I’ll try to include as well) – no thongs! Just no. =)